D. Daskalopoulos arts building Athens

The plot of D. Daskalopoulos Arts Building is located in the heart of the Campus of Athens College. Instead of an iconic imposition, we propose a link between the urban entrance and the sport fields with the picturesque green park — a link between urbanity and nature through culture. The circulation zone is positioned in the urban side offering a unique view of all the workshops to the forest.
The D. Daskalopoulos Arts Building will function as a contemporary building devoted to arts and the aim is to be positioned in the map of the art institutions around the world which is achieved though the contemporary character of architecture and the materiality. Moreover, the exhibition hall is a square space of 7 m height which could accommodate any kind of exhibition layout and give freedom to curators. 
Key point of the design is to offer an environment which users will feel familiar with and be able to inhabit it. The proposal is aiming to achieve this through the materiality as we propose materials which people are familiar with and they lead to an informal atmosphere. 
The proportions of the proposed building and the position of the circulation cores in the periphery allows the maximum independence of the different programs. The exhibition, the library, the auditorium, the workshops and the parking can work simultaneously but also, independently with different access. The composition results in a building which can function 24 h independently without deteriorating the privacy of the different functions.
The trends and the means are constantly changing with a rapid rhythm. The proposal targets to achieve the maximum flexibility in order to be always possible to adapt the building and meet the demands. Environmental spatial resilience are the key points in terms of architectural and engineering solutions.

Total area:
Architectural consultant:
Main visualisation:
Competition team:
Athens, Greece
Athens College
competition entry
educational building
5 000 m2
Nikos Kazeros
Paolo Mossa Idra
GKA engineers
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Maria Karatsiompani, Konstantina Lola, Marina Kounavi, Simos Makaronas