Art school Pardubice-Polabiny

Preserve at most the existing mature and healthy trees led to a very compact volume, that stands respectfully in its surrounding. The generous green yard contributes to create a nurturing environment for the students. Two floors of classrooms are lifted up to accommodate a see-through ground floor which is more public. By placing the spaces that don’t require natural light in the central black box, the art and music classrooms gain perimetrical facades, which offer a continuity of views towards the garden. A coherent layout also helps the users orientate easily inside the building. 
The design of the school is intended to bring out creativity and inspiration of the students. The project strengthens the cohesion of the educational community through the proximity between the different artistic disciplines.   

Total area:
Main visualisation:
Competition team:
Municipality of Pardubice
competition — honourable mention
educational building
2 000 m2
Augustín Piña
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Konstantina Lola, Marina Kounavi, Simos Makaronas