Breda  Department  Store

The transformation strategies will become part of historical traces accumulated over time, highlighting the spatial qualities of Bauer’s design. From the interiors to the front and back facades, the design and material choices are aligned with the accumulation of the historical layers.
The former Breda Department Store is positioned at the intersection of two belts: cultural axis (the city belt) and the green belt, forming the old fortifications of Opava. Revitalising the monument means redefining its role as a public building and its resonance in the city.
The history of the monument we see today is characterised by transformations over time. From the original Breda & Weinstein store to the Leopold Bauer’s corner building until the recent repairs, every layer of the monument’s history has a tangible presence. While continuing this tradition of re-making, the proposal respects the fragility of the main elements while proposing a concentrated intervention facilitating Breda’s new public life.
The square and the stripe act as a necessary facilitator of the new public life of Breda. From the programmatic functions to the choice of materials, the two large spaces are seen as one. The public interior is fully accessible from the square in front, turning the ground floor into a permeable and large civic space.

Total area:
Competition team:
Opava, CZ
Opava Municipality
competition entry
 1st prize
multi-functional building
10 734 m2  (+ exterior: 6 790 m2)
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, David Vaculík, Klára Lanžhotská in collaboration with OFFICE and Spolka