Library Chomutov

Originally conceived as a landmark in the city, the former municipal spa presents a serie of interesting elements that have a great heritage value. 
According to the brief program, the conversion of the former municipal spa is aimed to welcome a municipal library, a cafe, cultural / educational rooms and multifunctional halls. 
The very generous space of the former swimming pool, is replaced by a recreational park that offers sport, cultural and educational activities and freely connects to the premises of the children's department of the library and other programs across the building. By placing the library program in the floors of the rectangular volume next to the former swimming pool, we propose a sustainable approach for the heating of the different spaces. The huge volume of the recreational park can be just tempered, avoiding high consumption of energy and offering the municipality to keep a lower maintenance of the building in the future. 

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Chomutov, CZ
Municipality of Chomutov
competition entry
educational building
3 400 m2
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, Konstantina Lola
Augustín Piña