Elementary school Lausanne

The planned building is strategically located to create a communal and active space within the park. Positioned on an elevated island, it seamlessly blends with the landscape. The main entrance to the sports hall and school opens onto the park, enhancing connectivity with nature. The school occupies two floors, benefiting from ample natural light. The layout includes teaching rooms surrounding a common area. Access to the school is easy from various points in the area. The landscape design integrates the building, providing play and educational areas accessible to the public. The building's simple design resembles a pavilion, contributing to the park's ambiance. Raw materials are used, reflecting their natural colours. The structural elements are separated, facilitating a straightforward construction method while showcasing the material's inherent beauty.

Total area:
Competition team:
Lausanne — Dorigny, CH
competition entry
educational building
5 853 m2 (school 3 784 m2)
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, Konstantina Lola, Klára Lanžhotská, David Vaculík in collaboration with Pavel Rak