Library Česká Lípa

The site for the new town library in Česká Lípa is located in the historical centre of the town near the two main squares — Náměstí T. G. Masaryka and Škroupovo náměstí. The area, including the former exhibition buildings, is part of the town conservation area. The design emphasises the preservation of the historic character of the site and the new mass seeks to sensitively connect to the existing condition. The 19th and 20th century block development is a defining feature of Česká Lípa's urban conservation area, so the library building complements the existing development and by filling in the gaps creates a street line and a lively parterre of public space. The mass of the new building is divided into three gradually decreasing volumes, which respond to the surrounding buildings by their height and roof shape. They are an extension of the roof trusses of the surrounding houses.
A new space will be created in the courtyard between the buildings, which can serve both library visitors and passers-by. The elevation between the different levels of the buildings is designed as a staircase that can also serve as a tribune for social events. The courtyard area is paved and complemented with greenery to provide shade on warm days. Among other things, there is a café garden. The building fits in with the surrounding buildings and creates a solid volume. The façade is clad in brick, whose earthy colouring follows the surrounding shades of the historic houses.

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Česká Lípa, CZ
Municipality of Česká Lípa
competition entry 
educational building
1 195 m2 building (site area: 2 372 m2)
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, Konstantina Lola, Klára Lanžhotská, David Vaculík