Montessori Kindergarten Hlučín

Located in a very fragmented school complex, the proposal for the new Montessori school tends to be as compact as possible in order to facilitate the orientation of the users.
The stepping volume opens up towards the sport field, offering generous outdoor spaces directly accessible from each classroom. Playgrounds, games terrain and covered areas activate the terraces. 
Focused on the Montessori education program, the layout of the different grades classrooms welcome collective spaces, enhancing the flexibility of each floor and encouraging different type of use along the typical day of the kids. 
Interior spaces, facades and structure of the building are treated with materials applied in their raw state, the colours are the specific colours of the materials. The accessibility of the techniques and the possibility of separating the different construction elements favour a simple, direct construction method, with visible elements and without unnecessary cladding.

Total area:
Competition team:
Hlučín, CZ
Municipality of Hlučín
competition entry
2nd prize
educational building
5 500 m2
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, Konstantina Lola, Klára Lanžhotská, David Vaculík