New town hall — Prague 7

The new Town Hall of Prague 7 becomes a signal in the district, remarkable and apprehendable by everybody. By a large and generous transparent groundfloor, the urban space continues through the building. The café and the gallery on the groundfloor welcome the citizens to the new Town Hall. It also creates a signal for the pedestrians from the street.
This space is enlarged by the void created on the 2 upper floors — which express the similarity with the singular existing terraces on the last upper floors. The created void links the floors visited by the public and makes a visual connection with other functions, offering more than an office building but a true lively building.
The existing structural grid of 6×6m is maintained, the beams and columns are in place. The project proposes an alternative solution for the bracing of the building which consist in replacing the bracing walls by a new concrete core (6x6 m).

The layout of every floor is organized around a unique technical core (stairs, lifts, shaft). This free floorplan allows the building to be adaptable in the future, enhancing the extension of the uses, and avoiding to freeze the program functions. The terraces on the last floors are also connected to the offices, offering extra outside spaces for the employees.

Total area:
Competition team:
Prague, CZ
Municipality of Prague
competition entry
office building
2nd prize
6 000 m2
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlicka, Juan-Pablo Navaja, Lenka Homolková