Nursery school Athens

The proposal covers the study of a new building of nursery for the community of Papagos-Holargos. The building has a character of public building, its programmatic nature led us to make the basic design decisions. The key question for us was: “what kind of building we want as the first after home for our children to enter?”
With the above as guidelines, a flexible building is proposed for the future needs of the nursery which mass creates outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces where all rooms can be spaced out. The design of the nursery is based on spatial and visual contact with the greenery in contuous space.
Our goal is to cultivate a relationship between toddlers and nature. Nature also plays a great role for a teacher that teaches the children every day. The connection is achieved by the retreats of the volumes per floor creating a "mountain" or pyramid of knowledge and learning.
The proposed circulation is positioned to free the floor plan from stairwells or lifts and as a result make the interior spaces more flexible. It also provides independent access to both infant and toddler levels for both children, parents and staff. An element that makes access more controllable for staff and makes the building flexible to future budgetary challenges such as that of COVID-19. The façade is organised with a series of semi-open spaces, they serve to shade the building thus improving its energy efficiency but also create a sheltered environment as a transition or “doorstep” between the garden and the hall to be used by users on rainy or hot days. The proposed design of these semi-open spaces is influenced by the neighbourhood of Papagos-Holargos and the typology of some modernist apartment buildings.

Total area:
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Athens, GR
competition entry
educational building
7 800 m2
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, Konstantina Lola