Town hall Přerov

The brief requests the reconstruction of the Town Hall of Přerov, a building which dates back to 1969. How to remake the building a liveable entity, and set up a social generator between the public and the town hall administration?
The lowest floors accommodate the majority of the meeting spaces between citizens and administration officers. By implementing the Connector - main staircase attached to the facade -, the communication between the different departments becomes visible and fathomable by the users. Exhibitions areas for visitors or informal meeting for employees can take place in the new volume of the staircase. A public route is created through the building, leading to the rooftop where the visitor can enjoy the terrace of the cafe and the panoramic view to the city.
The existing structure remains in place – a systematic grid of columns and beams which delivers flexibility and efficiency in the layout of office spaces. Most of the vertical circulation and partition walls are demolished to freeup entirely a serie of plateaux.A mesh facade contributes to offer a new identity for the Town Hall of Přerov while respecting the bold character of the building.

Total area:
Main visualisations:
Competition team:
Přerov, CZ
Municipality of Přerov
1st Prize in Competition, ~ongoing
office building
5 000 m2
the Big Picture
Anne-Sereine Tremblay, Jan Kudlička, Marina Kounavi, Konstantina Lola, Sebastian Prado Alcala, Maria Karatsiompani, Petr Kalivoda, Simos Makaronas, Klára Lanžhotská